Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010 :)

Nov 14, 2009

A wallpaper made for self

 A simple master - piece made with simple steps in a simply awesome software (Photoshop :P).

Oct 4, 2009

The person who means a lot to me . . .

Hey guys I am gonna tell you a small part of my coming into this world.

I was in this other world of mine which was very magical and beautiful, which had everything that one aspires in life, everything that makes you happy. And then . . .

On January 4 1989,  to be precise at 11:35pm while I was playing suddenly some one caught hold of me and pulled me into a world of light. I was blinded by the light and could not open my eyes. Faintly as I remember I was put on something cold surface and was washed with warm water. Next I think I was made to sleep on some clothes which indeed provided me some warmth. After some time amazingly I could open my eyes not fully though. To my surprise, I was much smaller than my previous size (seemed like someone shrunk me), I could not   talk properly, neither did I understand  anything clearly. The only thing that I could figure out clearly was the fact that everyone was very happy (feels good, but felt very weird). The fact that everyone was peeping in to see me made me more uncomfortable. Right then a person came near me trying to cheer me up with something pointed and incidentally made some sound (Later I realized that was his scooter key). I must mention the fact that he was there beside me that whole night and a day in that white place where there many people like me who seemed to be in the same condition as me.

Returning back to the person, he connected with me at a different level. He was there for me always ready to offer a helping hand. Later on he continued to be a very great friend of mine. He always knew what I wanted and gave me before I even I asked for them. He taught me about the world, the dialect, the behavior and most importantly, what they call here to be a responsible and honest person.

I have grown 20 years old and have started understanding this world. He is right here beside me feeding me some sweets. Everything is changed to me, still he hasn't changed for sure.

You must have guessed. He is my dear FATHER, my friend and guide in my life.

Oct 3, 2009

My Evening

Just two photos to describe my evening. 

The moon coming up in the eastern sky.

The glorious sun going down in the western sky.

One that goes up eventually comes down . . .

WicgaC Justified

Well the name's WICGAC

Historically speaking, WICGAC = Wish I Could Get Another Chance. A blog which was started by me to pour my thoughts on my life actions which couldn't be reversed. It so happened one night, I was very disappointed that day and was restless with no means to restore my systems to a stable point. No doubt, I was on my comp browsing net and then suddenly the idea of writing a blog on my regrets and advices on how do avoid them etc etc came up in my mind. And thus the name.

Next after some days, I had this very thought of the justification of such a blog where you write your regrets of your life. Indeed celebrate your life, see the color and diversity of it and most importantly enjoy it. So I decided to make it my life's mirror ( Oh yes ! no more regrets ). Thus I started posting my works on Photoshop, my daily life happenings, my thoughts and interests and friends. In short it had become my daily dairy blog which contained me.

So it is : Wish Is Complete Given Always Complimented
This in its very crude form means. If you have a wish, compliment it, believe in it, work for it and earn it. Yes, thats true, you have to believe in whatever you do and next you have to work towards it to earn it

I dunno how far was my justification satisfied you. Its all inside you. As far as I am concerned I am satisfied and I will make it awesome. :)

Sep 29, 2009

Durga Puja - Bhubaneswar

Well after the sudden orders from the institute to retreat back to our homes, I was given the opportunity to enjoy the puja back at home after 3-4 years.
Well lemme give you a glimpse of the celebration here at Bhubaneswar. [1 thing : the pics were taken by a normal VGA Camera :(]

Although simple, this was one of the best works. Odisha is famous for this pandels. No doubt !

One huge masterpiece. The best part of this pandal is the tribal playing dhols and flutes at the gate.

The tribals playing the instruments making the surrounding even more festive.

This is another huge one @ Nayapalli. Hats off to the people who dared make it this huge.

This is the best one, entirely made out of floor mats. These people can be real imaginative.

A closeup of the entrance. This is all I could manage in the push and pull of the crowd.

Apart from all these there were a large number of pandals which we couldnt cover due to time constraints. Another thing which I should highlight is the melas rather the village fairs which were adjacent to the pandals. They added to the festive mood. [ I could not take pictures of them due to the VGA Cam :( ]

Neways it was fun out here watching all this. Although, I do miss the celebration back at my college. We had planned a lot for this time puja but the attack of jaundice back in our college forced us all to leave. I miss the joy of organising and being an integral part of the Puja

Sep 28, 2009

Durga Puja Notice 2

This was the poster that I designed as the poster for the Durga Puja. Some things which I think can be made a note of are

  • BACKGROUND & THEME : At first you should be able to choose a good background and theme. A good background completes half of your task. While choosing or preparing your background make sure you dont have too many colours and designs in it. In that case it becomes difficult to write the text distinctly.Not to mention it should go with your theme.

  • FONTS : Next make sure you choose your  fonts for a poster. Too many makes it more clumsy and scrappy. On the other hand very less makes it look more official.

  • IMAGES : This step is very important. In this step you are supposed to choose icons or some images to put in your poster to make it lively. Make sure you choose the right pictures. I would advice you to go to flickr or photobucket or any image hosting sites which offer good quality images (essentials you have a lot of professional photographers posting their photos there). You should also take care of the border of the photos. They do play an important role in deciding the final look of the poster.

  • SELECTION OF COLORS : You should choose yours colors from the images you are using. That brings out a feeling of blending into the theme of your poster

  • PLACEMENT : Last but not the least is the proper placement of all the elements that you plan to put on your poster. It should highlight the important things in your poster. Like in my poster i wanted to high light the Specials in my poster not at the cost of Puja timings, so I used icons or pics to highlight the Specials.

It all depends on you , how you place, how you plan and how you execute.