Sep 29, 2009

Durga Puja - Bhubaneswar

Well after the sudden orders from the institute to retreat back to our homes, I was given the opportunity to enjoy the puja back at home after 3-4 years.
Well lemme give you a glimpse of the celebration here at Bhubaneswar. [1 thing : the pics were taken by a normal VGA Camera :(]

Although simple, this was one of the best works. Odisha is famous for this pandels. No doubt !

One huge masterpiece. The best part of this pandal is the tribal playing dhols and flutes at the gate.

The tribals playing the instruments making the surrounding even more festive.

This is another huge one @ Nayapalli. Hats off to the people who dared make it this huge.

This is the best one, entirely made out of floor mats. These people can be real imaginative.

A closeup of the entrance. This is all I could manage in the push and pull of the crowd.

Apart from all these there were a large number of pandals which we couldnt cover due to time constraints. Another thing which I should highlight is the melas rather the village fairs which were adjacent to the pandals. They added to the festive mood. [ I could not take pictures of them due to the VGA Cam :( ]

Neways it was fun out here watching all this. Although, I do miss the celebration back at my college. We had planned a lot for this time puja but the attack of jaundice back in our college forced us all to leave. I miss the joy of organising and being an integral part of the Puja
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